1_Distribution partners

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Ways of becoming a distribution partner

We suck at marketing, we need you to spread the word:

- Become an affiliate for serious rev share
- License our content and have it on your site
- Become a sole partner in your country!
- Ad the Optimization Academy to your event
- Joint product bundling options


Product bundling discounts

Are you selling a product or service? Add the Optimization Academy
- Get opaque discounted prices
- Get a 35% rev share
- Enhance your own product offering
Add value to your product with a bundle


Become an affiliate

You can benefit from becoming an affiliate:
- Up to 40% revenue share on every sale
- Unique content to promote
- Up to 20% for renewals for the life of the account


Country representative

Become a country representative and partner
- Be the Optimization Academy in your country
- Receive up to 40% of all net sales from your country
- Get unique discount codes just for you


Create an event or conference

We are looking for event development partners:
- Build an Optimization Academy branded event
- Receive up to 50% after costs
- Or integrate us in your existing event


License the course content

Add the CRO courses to your website:
- License full and new content for a single fee
- Get exclusivity in your geography
- Sell at your own market price
We can brand the content for your company