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October | 2018

New: Become a CRO contibutor

Calling all amazing CRO experts out there: Become a contributor and showcase your great work, your case studies, unique methodologies and we will give you full credit, links, features and promote you on LinkedIn.


October | 2018

New course: Decoy products on pricing page

In this new conversion rate optimization course we cover:
1- The decoy effect on pricing pages
2-  How decoy products are made and work
3-  How to design and test decoy products


September | 2018

New course: Mechanics of AB Testing tech

Every CRO expert and marketer should know:
1-  How AB testing tech works to change a page
2-  Problems and solutions with testing tag
3-  Mistakes to avoid with your testing tag

October | 2018

4 courses and lessons FREE

"Hey!, what are the courses like?" You ask...
See for yourself, we have opened up a select number of CRO courses for you to enjoy for free. You can now see what sets them apart.

September | 2018

LinkedIn Optimization Academy page

Alright, alright, we know, what were we thinking not having a LinkedIn page?
We have one now! We will be posting updates, changes and new CRO courses on it so that you don't have to check these updates... so why are we doing this page here again?


September | 2018

New course: Psychology of choice

In this course, we cover the complexity of choice. Taking learnings for prestigious scholars we examine the components that prevent choice and how they can translate to principles we can use to fix the complexity of choice.

August | 2018

New payment method: Direct bank transfers

  • Chose direct bank transfer payment option in check out
  • Full VAT | Sales tax invoice and receipt
  • Automatic payment received confirmation

August | 2018

New course: Coding dynamic survey results

Dynamic surveys produce question answers, but how do you turn open text into numbers? In this course, we look at the tool you can use to codify open question answers into quantifiable charts.


August | 2018

New course: Attitudinal research - dynamic surveys

In this new conversion rate optimization course we focus on:
1- Understanding the decision criteria of visitors
2-  How to use dynamic surveys on websites
3-  Question matrix to use on your visitors

July | 2018

Team and student progress reports

Some companies are training 7+ students. Team leaders can now add, edit and replace students in the team as well monitor individual progress with the new student level course completion reports

June | 2018

Course and lesson level progression tracking

Before you could only see which courses you had started. Now we have added lesson level progress tracking, with a little red bar that shows you where you left off.

June | 2018

Don't freak out: New course descriptions and summaries

We have changed or re-written entire course descriptions on the courses pages. Make sure you use your course tracker to know what you have completed... no need to panic...