3_Ads and landing pages

Ads and landing pages video critique
The Good(ish), the bad, the fix

Ads and Landing pages problems and fixes

- We review a display ad and its landing page
- What is wrong with the banner ad
- Look at problems with the landing page
- Show improvements to the banner ad
- Simple ways to optimize the landing page

Do marketers have too much money?

How small and big mistakes in ads and landing pages is costing marketing ROI

Bulb renewable energy: so simplistic it has no value

When design and adaptive simplicity gets in the way of value to make an offer pointless.

Skoda cars: Complexity of landing page hurts cognition

When over thinking kills conversion rates or how trying to be smart wastes marketing budget.

Budget car rental: Ads that don't get my motor running

How small improvements to the ad and landing page would improve conversion by 5% to 8%.

Zipcar car club: Hard sell without value proposition

After 8 years Zipcar still can't clearly explain what they do in there landing pages.

iContact automation: The ultimate bland content

They improved their landing page soon after the launch of this campaign, maybe because of 0% conversion rates

Baileigh machines: Get to the products faster

Leaking at least 10% conversion rate by not bringing the retail structure forward.

Vente Privee: Zero landing page continuity

This is a B*tch slap! When the expectation gap between the ad and LP seems like a trap.

Waldorf Astoria: best not spend marketing money

A landing page so "complex" the marketing manager should be stripped of their title.