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Optimizing page types

We show you where problems hide and how to test them on various page types

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Design and test decoy products on pricing pages

Pricing pages are key to revenue and sales:
In this 6 lesson CRO course, we explain what is the Decoy effect, types of decoy products, how to design a decoy product and split test examples of the application of the decoy effect.

Frameworks and rules courses

The courses teach rules you use to design conversion solutions to implement or test

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Using image layers to convert

In this 5 lesson CRO course, we address the issue of pointless stock imagery. This course covers the methods to create highly effective imagery to supercharge your conversion rate.

Methodology courses

Courses focus on step by step guides and optimization questions and goals to reach

Free course

Thought of visitor - Attitudinal research

In this 12 lesson CRO course, we learn how to deploy dynamic surveys throughout your website and teach you how to use the question matrix to research what your visitors are thinking and the decision criteria they use to buy.

Key principles courses

Principles are knowledge nuggets on psychology, behaviour, visual attention, design, and content

Free course

What product content: Experts vs novices

In this 5 lesson CRO course, we look at the research from Pittsburgh University research, Experts Vs, Novices, tho understand how different visitor knowledge levels will influence and dictate the type and depth of content required on product pages.